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Radio Advertising Training Videos, Case
Studies, Live Teleseminars, Commercial
Scripts, Copywriting Critiques And Exclusive
Industry-Specific Secrets That Will Give You
an Unfair Advantage Over Every Other
Account Executive or Copywriter
The Ability To Call Me Personally For Help At
Any Time!

The one thing I always hear when I speak at a
conference or convention:

“I wish you could teach this to our entire staff."

That’s flattering, of course.

And frustrating. Because much of the radio advertising industry is circling the drain, and it doesn't have to be that way.

That's why I created Dan O'Day's Radio
Advertising Advantage .

As a Platinum member, you will have full access

A complete “Dan O’Day advertising seminar” on video.

24 of them, actually.

Unlike the informal video at the top of this page, the 24 training
videos were professionally recorded on a real sound stage. It’s as close as you can come to having me right there in the building, teaching my proven principles of creating radio advertising that works.

These videos will stream right on your computer monitor. Show
them to everyone on your staff.

And whenever you add new members to your team, immediately
give them a world-class education
in what it really takes to create radio advertising that works.

Once a month, I conduct a live “group coaching call” for my
Platinum members only.

It runs from 60 minutes to 90 minutes, with members hitting me with their toughest, most frustrating and/or most urgent radio advertising challenges.

It's a live conference call attended only by my Platinum members.

You’ve probably been exposed to those “Interview of the Month” programs, right?

Here are the problems I’ve seen with most of them:

My guest expert interviews are different because...

and perhaps most importantly:

I don’t have a guest expert interview every month. It’s only
when I’ve identified a topic & expert that will add to your
Radio Advertising Advantage.

Otherwise, I personally conduct a Radio Advertising
Advantage teleseminar in which I teach a specific principle
or technique and “drill down” so deeply that you’ll
immediately be able to put it into action.

and occasionally instead of a formal seminar:

...I schedule a second free-wheeling group coaching call.
(These calls are totally unpredictable and always lead to
new insights we couldn’t have anticipated.)

* All of the teleseminars are archived on our private member site, ready for you to dive into.

* All of the case study videos are archived on our private member
site, ready for you to dive into.

* All of the bonus tools are archived on our private member site,
ready for you start using as soon as you join.

This alone is worth your membership fee. I interrogate insiders
in various advertising categories to find out what they really need their advertising to accomplish.

I don’t mean some “industry white paper.” I’m talking about
information that never before has been available to radio
advertising professionals
, including:

* All the commercial copy I created for our members is archived
on our private member site; you’ll get complete access as soon
as you join.

Platinum members are encouraged to send me their commercials
for my critiquing. All members get to hear the critiques, but only Platinum members are able to submit their work for my direct,
honest (some might say "brutal") input.

* All of the commercial critiques are archived on our private
member site; you’ll get complete access as soon as you join.

And here comes the biggie...

What if you've got a shot at a major account and aren't sure how
to pitch your idea? What if you need help brainstorming the new
ad campaign?

What if you could call me up for an instant,
impromptu consultation before you leave to meet
with your client?

As a Platinum member, when you’re in a jam or in need of
inspiration or clarity, you will be able to email me to ask, "Hey,
Dan! Can we schedule a Radio Advertising 911 Call today?"

No matter where in the world I happen to be that day, if it's
possible for me to spend a few minutes on the phone with you, I

I hope you're getting the idea that when I say I want you to
succeed, I mean it.

How much is all this worth?

A lot.

Start with the monthly teleseminar. My typical price to attend one of
those is $79 - $99.

My 24-module Radio Advertising Mastery video course? Available
to you and your team members 24/7? Honestly, I don’t know how to “comparison price” that. Let’s give it a very modest $500 monthly value.

My exclusive Industry Insider Advantage reports? Easily worth at

The Commercial Critiques? Normally I charge $250 per critique.

The Radio Advertising 911 calls? My personal consulting rate is
$500 per hour. That’s with a one-hour minimum, so even a 30-minute consultation normally costs $500.

The Group Coaching Calls? Radio Advertising Advantage Case
Study Videos? Bonus Training Videos? Bonus Tools? Commercial Scripts?

I could continue to estimate the value of each, but by now you’ve got
the message:

If you make your living creating or selling radio advertising, this would be a huge bargain for you at, say, $900 per month.

So how much does this cost?

Platinum Level:  $149 per month (But wait — )

If you register now, I will upgrade you
to Platinum status...for the price of
a Gold membership.

Register now for just $89 per month, and I will upgrade you from
Gold to Platinum status (normally $149 per month)...

...and you’ll remain a Platinum member (but pay the lower Gold level
rate of just $89) for as long as you choose to be a member.

You do the math.

Platinum status for just $89 per month?

If you use just a fraction of the resources I give you, you’d have to try really, really hard not to make at least one extra sale over the next 12 months.

(Unless you’re brain dead, you’ll make far more than one extra sale in 12 months. But I’m trying to make a point here.)

I don’t care what your market size is.

Once you’ve made just a single new sale, you’ll be in the Land of
Pure Profit for years to come.

If $89 a month for all of this — at the Platinum level, no less —
doesn’t make you rush to sign up…

Well, obviously we're not a good match for each other.

Oh, one more thing.

After we've reached our limit, I won't be
accepting any new members for... How long?

I launched Radio Advertising Advantage in 2009, accepted registrations for 10 days, and then closed registration.

Six months later I re-opened registration for just 5 days.

We kept an ever-growing waiting list for a year and then re-opened registration for just 5 days.

Now I'm re-opening registration once more, but only until we've
reached the maximum number of members we can handle.

Once we reach our membership limit, membership will be closed
once again.

Join today at the lowest "Gold" membership
price and I'll instantly upgrade you to a
Platinum membership


Here Is What This Is Not.

This is not a “social networking” site.

This is not a place to look for a new job.

This is not a place to kill time. (Frankly, I want you to log into the
password protected site, watch a video and learn something, log out,
use what you just learned to sell a new account, and then come back for more.)

The Dan O’Day Radio Advertising Advantage exists solely to
equip you with advanced tools for creating a radio ad campaign that
will not leave you with yet another former client who complains, “I
tried radio, and it didn’t work.”


Straight Answers To Your Most Likely

“I’m a station owner, manager, market manager, etc. Am I allowed to share my membership access with anyone else?”
See my response

“If I join Radio Advertising Advantage and later decide to discontinue my membership, how much of a hassle will it be for me to cancel?”
See my response

“What if I can’t make some of the teleseminars ‘live’?”
See my response

“Your program obviously is so incredibly valuable that I don’t want
any of my competitors to have access to it. Can I get a market exclusive?”
See my response

“Corporate Headquarters requires advance invoicing and 90 days to pay before they’ll authorize even a $89 expenditure. Okay with you?”
See my response


Should you join?

If you've attended any of my seminars or heard any of my audio
seminars or teleseminars and thought they were valuable, my Radio Advertising Advantage will continually provide you with new
information of the same quality, same originality, same intensity.

You’ve got my word on that.

The ultimate “bottom line.”

Month after month, I share with all Radio Advertising Advantage
members everything I know and everything I learn about creating the
most effective radio advertising possible.

If you think that’s worth “risking” 89 bucks to try it for a month, go
ahead and click on that “I Want In!” button now.


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